Sustainable mental performance for teams and managers

My workshops focus on sustainably promoting mental performance in managers and teams so that they can achieve their (project) goals in a productive, motivated and satisfied manner. You will learn how goal setting, strong team dynamics, trust and communication contribute to tackling every challenge together with motivation, resilience and courage.

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What my workshops are about

In my workshops, I teach practical and immediately applicable methods to support teams and managers in developing their full potential and mastering the challenges of the modern working environment. The following topics are a small excerpt of my workshop topics:


Employee motivation The 6 leadership strategies for a motivated team

Management workshop


Stay motivated in difficult times

Team building workshop


How can we shape change in a positive way?

Management workshop


6 factors for peak performance

Performance Workshop

IMG_20230904_111343_693 (1)

How women successfully lead the way

Diversity Workshop


Identify your career goal

Goal Setter Workshop


What are my strengths and how can I apply them better in my professional life?

Confidence Booster Workshop

Michael Daiger_comp

How to achieve seemingly impossible goals

Goal Getter Workshop

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What makes these workshops so unique?

  • Fully customized: The content is tailored precisely to the specific needs and challenges of the team to ensure maximum benefit.
  • Action-oriented: Interactive and practical solutions promote sustainable change.
  • Many years of experience: Over 15 years of experience and a track record of implementing successful changes.
  • Authentic environment: A safe environment that enables open discussions and creates trust.

As a coach, my work has given me many insights into why employees leave their jobs and how companies can retain their employees in the long term. These insights flow directly into my workshops in order to provide managers with the best possible support.

time required

1 - 8 h

Time frame


8 - 50




of the workshop to the challenge of the team

anpassung an veränderung


virtually or on site