Achieve seemingly impossible goals with the success mindset

Are you part of a team or group and aiming for a goal? Then one of these workshops could be of interest to you.

The workshops focus on the following objectives:

  • Professional (re)orientation
  • Improving team dynamics within a change process
  • Starting a company
  • Improve leadership qualities
  • Achieving an athletic goal

The workshops are tailored to the needs of the group or team. The aim of the workshop is to promote a success mindset with immediately applicable methods that the participants can use sustainably in their everyday lives.

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Details of the workshops

time required

Time frame

4 hours



4 -16



On-site preferred, virtual possible



of the content to group/team

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Who are the workshops for?

  • Corporate teams that want to successfully achieve their (seemingly impossible) goals or are going through a major change
  • Sports teams that strive for big goals
  • Start-up groups that want to promote mental tools for motivation, focus, resilience and decision-making skills
  • Universities, especially PhD groups looking for the next step in their career

Workshop topics