Achieve the seemingly impossible!

What does it mean to overcome boundaries, step out of your comfort zone and gain the courage to take on big challenges?

1368 km, 56000 vertical meters, 124 passes, 26 days. My second cycling record. But the numbers represent far more than just a sporting goal.

It was a matter of implementing an idea in the shortest possible time, finding sponsors, building a team of five people and managing the organization and logistics. And then I also had to train for the cycling record!

In these times of constant change, pressure and stress, how do you get everything under one roof and still perform at your best, both physically and mentally?

In my talks, I use my experiences from cycling and my unusual life story to explain what it means to overcome failure and still get up again, to motivate a team to successfully strive for seemingly impossible goals.

With a lot of authenticity and approachability, wit and pragmatic tips, I convey a story that touches every audience.

I provide practical tools on how everyone can achieve their own goals - whether professional, personal or sporting.

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Main topics


Leadership: How to lead your team to big goals in the long term


The seemingly impossible bike record: the 124 Swiss Passes Challenge


Motivation: How do you stay motivated, especially in difficult times?


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