The Monimental Challenge - Be part of it!

Challenge yourself while learning how to develop a success mindset to achieve your goals!

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What is the Monimental Challenge?

The Monimentale Challenge combines a fitness challenge with success mindset tips.

If you want to know how to develop a mindset to

  • Overcoming fears,
  • Build courage,
  • Staying resilient and focused,
  • to achieve your goals,

then join the challenge!


Set a goal and achieve it!

Choose a fitness level (see below) that challenges you. Each day of the challenge, you will receive a mindset tip that will help you successfully reach your goal. You can then apply these tips to future personal, athletic and professional goals. All you have to do is sign up (for free)!

Convinced? Ok, then here are the details:

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge is designed so that everyone can participate. It contains exercises with different repetitions, depending on the fitness level.

It starts on February 1, 2024 and ends on March 1, 2024 (30 days). I chose this time period because February is probably one of the least motivating months of the year. All the better to have an athletic and mental power routine for this time to start the year with a success mindset!

The exercises are:

  • Run and/or Bike
  • Planks
  • Squats (Squat)
  • Push-ups (pushups) (Alternative: with knee on the floor)
  • Pull-ups (Alternatively: with band) Without bar: Australian pull-up with table or other piece of furniture
  • Toes-to-Bars (Alternative: Knees to Chest) Without bar: Sit-ups

The alternative variants are the simplified versions. No, there is no shame in doing the simplified version. It's important that you do what works best for you! (The First Success Mindset Tip)

More information about the exercises and executions will follow.


The Fitness Levels

Here is the table for the whole month:


Here is the table per day:



  • Orange: Fitness Levels
  • Blue: Exercise with unit in brackets
  • Units: km= kilometers, min= minutes, reps= repetition (repetitions)

The first table represents the total number of repetitions. You can divide these as you wish during the month. The lower table shows how many repetitions there are per day.

You can choose between running and cycling, either doing just one or combining both. For the combination, I would go by the daily km per discipline.

How does it work?

There are four fitness levels: Star, Champion, Hero, Immortal, with the repetitions and therefore the difficulty increasing from Star to Immortal.

Pick a fitness level you want to achieve. The most important number is the total number of individual exercises for the month. For example, the Star level requires 30 km of running. The number in the table below is the daily mileage if you want to spread the 30 km over the 30 days. But you can also run 10 km one day and then spread the other 20 km over the other 29 days. You decide!

If you feel unsure about the exercises, I recommend you start with the alternative variations and the Star Level. This challenge is for everyone who wants to push themselves - for cyclists, runners, fitness junkies, couch potatoes and everyone else. So, no excuses ;)


Some more cool info:

I plan to live stream my daily workouts. You can just follow along with me! If you're in Bern, you can physically be there too. I'll keep you updated via my newsletter (sign up below).

Be part of the challenge!

Challenge yourself and develop a mindset for success!

Register here for free for the newsletter! You will receive all information about the Challenge:

  • All the information before the event so you can prepare.
  • During the Challenge, you will receive a daily email with a tip on how to develop a success mindset.

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Monimental Challenge Package

As an optimal preparation for the Challenge, you can optionally purchase a package that contains useful products for the Challenge:

  • A band (for support during pull-ups)
  • My book "What it takes to make dreams come true" (for cold and dark evenings for motivation).
  • Sticker
  • Notebook and pen for documenting your reps as well as your thoughts during the challenge
  • 20% discount coupon for my online course (if you want to learn more about goal setting)
  • Bandana as a sweat cloth and as a neck or head scarf
  • 5x sample pack from AG1
  • Energy bar
  • A bag to keep all your stuff together.
  • And more.

Available soon.

Challenge Partner

I am very happy to have great partners at my side for this challenge. We are a team! Would you like to be part of the team? Then feel free to write me at

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Please note, participation is at your own risk. Sattler Consulting GmbH assumes no liability.