Don't have time?

It's amazing how busy we are these days. I have friends with whom I have to "book" three weeks in advance to get an appointment for lunch or dinner.

But is it really due to a lack of time?

Maybe it's because we're unable to prioritize, are afraid of being alone, or simply because it's trendy to be busy all the time these days?

But being busy does not automatically mean being happy. We often fill our calendars indiscriminately without thinking about whether the activities add value to our lives.

That's why I often do an exercise with my clients when the issue of time becomes a problem:

Go through your everyday life consciously and rate your activities according to their actual importance for your life. Give them points from 0 (not important at all) to 10 (vital). Then compare how much time you spend on the activities that you rate with 10 points compared to those with 0 points. Do you see any room for improvement?

If you don't have time, how can you think about how you want to make your future fulfilling?

You need time and, above all, energy for your own self-realization. I'll tell you what that has to do with energy next time.