What real teamwork is

Something I rarely share is that I took part in adventure racing between my volleyball and cycling careers.

This sport combines various disciplines, mainly mountain biking, running and kayaking as well as orienteering.

I was part of a team of four.

We waded through the Everglades swamps at 2am with our bikes on our backs, slept only five minutes in a 48-hour period and were chased by hundreds of wasps after I accidentally stepped into a nest.

For me, this was the most formative time to understand what teamwork really means:

  • Always help the weakest, no matter what.
  • Keep your ego in check. It has no place here.
  • Use your own strengths to strengthen the team.
  • Clear communication. If something goes wrong, we discuss it openly.
  • Keep the mood high. There is no room for negative thoughts.
  • Have trust in each other.

It is precisely in moments of stress, pressure and exhaustion that it becomes clear how strong your team really is. But the foundation of trust, communication and support needs to be laid in quiet times.