Don't wait for the perfect moment

One of my clients had just returned from a 2-week vacation in Iceland. He had gone there because he needed some distance from his daily routine.

He had already told me before the trip that he wasn't happy with his current situation, but couldn't say exactly what it was.

After his return, he told me that he realized that his work was not challenging enough.

I asked him what his plan was to change that.

He thought about it for a moment. Then he said that he didn't know how to change it and would probably wait for a new challenge.

Over the last few years as a coach, I have often come across the same situation: The person is unhappy with their current situation, but doesn't know how to change it. So they stay in this unhappy situation and wait for the "right" opportunity.

But if I may give one piece of advice, then it is this:

Life is too short to wait. Take responsibility and shape your future. Waiting for the "perfect" moment for something to come along that will completely change your life is highly unlikely.

Don't let someone or something decide your future. Instead, take it into your own hands by creating opportunities. This doesn't necessarily mean leaving everything behind and moving to the other side of the world, but small changes can have a significant impact.

How can you bring about change without turning your life upside down?

Meet new people, get involved in new projects, volunteer or take a new course ( ;). There are so many ways to actively create opportunities without turning your whole life upside down.for example

The feeling of making your own decisions is very important and often overlooked. The feeling of accomplishment is so much greater when you know you've done it 100% yourself. But of course there is also the other side, there is no one to blame when things go wrong.

But what is life about if we are afraid of failure and avoid risky decisions and keep life comfortable (and often boring)?

If I'm not happy with my situation, I have to accept it or change it. Complaining is not an option.

First, I ask myself if I am ready to accept it. If the answer is no, I know what to do. I have to take ownership of all my actions to bring about the change. Life is so short - why accept an unhappy situation?

So start now, make the change and take responsibility for your life!