Cycling Record

2nd bike record: The 124 Swiss Passes Challenge

I cycled all 124 Swiss passes in 26 days. It wasn't just about cycling over 56,000m uphill, the challenge started even before that.

Exactly 5 months before, because that was the time frame to turn the idea into a concrete project. I had to find sponsors, build a team of 5 people, organize hotels and logistics and then find the time and energy to train. In addition, there was an 8-person film team who also had their own ideas about the project.

I was now not only a cyclist, but also a project manager and executive. I talk about how I dealt with these challenges in my presentations.

You can watch the movie about the 124 Swiss Passes Challenge here.


Rode all 124 Swiss passes by bike

In 26 consecutive days

Start: Aug. 12, 2022 in Nyon, Vaud

End: Sept. 6, 2022 in Bern

That was 1368 kilometers

And 56,260 vertical meters

110 hours on the bike


The individual stages of the Challenge

Challenge Partner